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Whether you need to make a large investment, solve unexpected financial problems or wish to grow your business, PawnFlex is your best option for a fast, big and smooth loan. No waiting time, no endless bureaucratic procedures and no privacy penetrating credit checks. By using your plane or private jet, you can get all the cash you need in the most convenient, discreet and confidential way possible.

Our ability to offer pawn loans against collateral like planes and yachts is the best evidence of our strong positioning as a market leader in our field. It proves not only PawnFlex's financial strength, but also our professional and specialized capabilities in storing and maintaining high end collateral. Our clients know that they can trust us to either pawn their collateral, or even sell it.

PawnFlex will store your plane in an exclusive suited hangar, which is totally safe, protected and continuously supervised. The plane will be insured by Lloyd's and be taken care of by the highest maintenance standards. Our highly experienced and specialized loan experts will provide you with an accurate evaluation, after which you'll be able to receive the necessary funds.

After paying back the loan, you'll be able to ask for an extension loan, or sell it to PawnFlex.

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PawnFlex is your best choice for an immediate, convenient and confidential loan. You may visit one of our 3 branches at any time, but to avoid delays or unnecessary waiting time and guarantee full confidentiality, we always recommend to make a call and set a free consultation meeting. Contact us now and get ready to fulfill your financial objectives and plans.

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