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Precious, valuable jewelry is always exciting and pleasurable. It makes women look better, feel better and it even symbolizes social status. But sometimes, jewelry can be a convenient and cost-effective source for fulfilling special financial needs.

Whether you need money for a specific cause or investment, for financing personal plans or dreams, or for solving temporary financial problems, PawnFlex is your best solution!

Bring your jewelry to one of out 3 branches, and one of our specialized pawn officers will evaluate their value. Once you sign the pledge contract you'll immediately receive your loan. The short process will take place in full confidentiality, with no questions asked and no credit checks.

Your jewelry items will be stored in a supervised and highly protected location, and will be fully insured. Once the load has been paid, you'll receive your valuables in exactly the same condition.

Let's Get Started!

PawnFlex is your best choice for an immediate, convenient and confidential loan. You may visit one of our 3 branches at any time, but to avoid delays or unnecessary waiting time and guarantee full confidentiality, we always recommend to make a call and set a free consultation meeting. Contact us now and get ready to fulfill your financial objectives and plans.

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