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PawnFlex is one of the fastest growing leaders in the pawn loans industry. The company's success is based on our proven ability to convert valuable collateral into cost effective cash resources in the most confidential atmosphere. Setting new standards of service in our evolving market, our unrivalled reputation reflects a strong market positioning, perfectly placed to help you whatever your borrowing needs.

PawnFlex is the next generation in pawn loans. While many companies offer limited loans for common items like jewelry and watches, PawnFlex has opened new horizons for businesses and investors by pawning valuable collateral like planes, boats and cars. This exclusive competence not only reflects our strong financial power, but also the professional ability to store, maintain and protect some of the most expensive item people possess.

Utilizing in-depth knowledge and a highly skilled team of experts, PawnFlex works with each one of our clients to realize their specific personal financial or investment goals. Day by day we strive to offer unparalleled solutions, with an outstanding customer service. Our devoted team stands by to guarantee that our clients receive their money on spot, their collateral is properly stored and that every item is fully protected.

Many businesses, investors, affluent families and celebrities have already entered our pawn shops to realize their dreams and plans. Join them now!

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