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Sometimes it's because of market fluctuations or unpredicted financial turbulence. Sometimes it's because of larger than usual investments or faster than expected business growth. And sometimes it's just about fulfilling personal plans and dreams.

Whatever the reason, there comes a moment when you need big cash, and you need it fast! That's exactly the moment you need a company like PawnFlex!

PawnFlex is the Bank of Your Wildest Dreams!

As a premier pawn company for the business and affluent sectors, PawnFlex offers its clients a fast, efficient and totally confidential source for loans. With no endless bureaucratic procedures, annoying negotiations or credit checks, you can get the cash you need in no time!

How does it work?

The process of obtaining a pawn loan from PawnFlex is all about our specialized and cordial loan officers. Once you step in one of our 3 elegant branches, they'll immediately welcome you in a private office and listen to your financial needs.

As an upscale collateral lending company, we are able to offer large pawn loans against valuable assets such as jewelry, watches, cars, boats, planes and motorcycles. Once our loan officer determines the value of your collateral and you'll agree with the pawn loan amount and the time frame of the loan, you'll sign a pledge agreement and you'll walk out with the full amount of your pawn loan! Furthermore, in case you are not able to pay, we will extend the loan as many times as you need. Just pay the finance charge and you'll get a new contract!

At PawnFlex you can either sell your collateral items, or get a loan for them, inclusing extention loans. And, you can even get a sale advance!

Your collateral items will be stored in totally safe and protected locations, and will be supervised and maintained by the highest standards in our industry. There are no upfront fees or hidden costs, and all items will be insured by Lloyds London.

Let's Get Started!

PawnFlex is your best choice for an immediate, convenient and confidential loan. You may visit one of our 3 branches at any time, but to avoid delays or unnecessary waiting time and guarantee full confidentiality, we always recommend to make a call and set a free consultation meeting. Contact us now and get ready to fulfill your financial objectives and plans.

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